More than 25% of our total assets are managed for insurance companies. We work closely with organisations to put in place solutions that are compliant with regulatory and economic changes. Drawing on 25 years of experience and business insight we’ve developed an integrated platform to support the specific requirements of our insurance companies¹.

Our integrated and centralized platform

We build solutions and services complying with specific accounting, financial and regulatory requirements:


insurance clients in 24 countries1

€466 bn

in AuM for insurers1


Investment Professionals dedicated to Insurance1

Our integrated and centralized investment solution

Our Risk Management department to monitor insurer guidelines

Independent from all operational departments to ensure strong monitoring and full compliance with best practice, methods, regulations and procedures.

Our research department at your service

Our capabilities

Treasury-5_man plane and business

Amundi is a major player in treasury management in Europe and across the world.

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Responsible Investing: our commitment

Acting as a responsible financial institution is a core commitment of Amundi’s development strategy.

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Equity-2_people and town

A comprehensive range of equity strategies covering all of the main regions, styles & themes .

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Smart Beta Amundi

Access a complete range of Smart Beta & Factor Investing solutions, managed by a team of dedicated experts

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Access a wide range of markets at competitive prices

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Investor profiles


Amundi extends its savoir-faire to institutional investors by accompanying them through their main challenges and providing them with investment solutions as well as bespoke services. 

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As the European leader in asset management, Amundi has provided Corporates for more than 30 years with effective and end-to-end solutions thanks to its wide-ranging capabilities and bespoke services.

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Amundi aims to be the dedicated partner of pension funds, whether they are public or private, Defined-Benefit, Defined-Contribution or Hybrid, by helping them meet their objectives.

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In an environment marked by uncertainties, may they be macroeconomic or political, Sovereign entities are pursuing broad objectives.

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Our analysis on IFRS

Amundi’s Insurance Solutions Engineering team shares its views on the impacts of the implementation of IFRS 17 & IFRS 9.


IFRS Letter - March 2020

IFRS Letter - July 2019


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