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Amundi believes that investing in the Social and Solidarity Economy today will be a source of profitability tomorrow.

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The social impact investing expertise is based on three commitments:

In line with our commitment to supporting new sustainable fixed income markets, Amundi has developed its first Social Bond Strategy, which aims at directing investments towards projects addressing social issues or targeting positive social outcomes by investing in social bonds. 

Through this strategy, Amundi and its investors will support the expansion of the nascent social bond market, which has experienced a very strong uptick during the Covid-19 crisis and has proven its financing capabilities for both the recovery and inclusive growth in the long term.

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The Social pillar of ESG investing is gaining momentum across the investor community. Amundi is committed to spearheading the development of the social agenda globally, through sophisticated integration of social issues across all main asset classes: fixed income, equity, and illiquid assets.


Social Bonds - Supporting the recovery and long-term inclusive growth by promoting socially impactful issuers

  • Objective: Provide positive financial return over 3 years by investing in global markets while financing projects with social benefits.
  • Strategy: Core (75%) Social Bonds with use of proceeds bonds aligned with the Social Bond Principles (SBPs) and Diversification (25%) Issuers with the best social practices.

Social Impact - Encouraging companies with the best social practices and participating in the reduction of inequalities in the countries they operate.

  • Innovative Inequality score: Broad definition encompassing all aspects of inequality: Income & Labor Market, Fiscal Policy, Health & Education, Diversity, and Human rights & Basic needs.
  • A stringent responsible investment approach: Eligible universe definition, ESG analysis, controversy screening and positive impact generation metrics or carbon targets.

Social Impact Investing Finance and Solidarity - Providing measurable social impact alongside financial returns

  • Impact at Amundi: Investment in non-listed companies offering innovative products and services helping to meet SDGs or affordable products for people living under the poverty threshold.
  • Diversification across investment themes, with a reference system based on the SDGs: Affordable housing and infrastructure, inclusion, health, education, preservation of natural resources.



Amundi Social Bonds - Annual impact Report 2021

Amundi has selected five impact investing themes for its solutions that cover most of the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)1:


Access to decent housing

Access to a meaningful job


Access to healthcare education and training

Protecting the environment

Sharing and Cooperating: international solidarity including microfinancing


Market initiatives

Amundi is at the forefront of development and research of Social and Sustainability-linked bonds, and published key research pieces to lead the discussion.

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Amundi has been a member of the Social Bond Principles Executive Committee since 2017 and co-chaired the ICMA Social Bond Working Group for two consecutive editions.

The 30 % Club is a global campaign taking action to increase gender diversity at board and senior management levels. Sharing this commitment, Amundi participated in the creation of the French Chapter in 2020.

The Platform for Living Wage Financials is an alliance of invertors encouraging companies to address inadequate pay issues. Amundi has been a signatory since 2018.

Since 2010, Amundi has been an active supporter of the Access to Medicine Foundation, an independant non-profit organization with the mission to encourage pharmaceutical companies to do more for people living in low and middle-income countries.


Amundi’s Impact Investing team specialises on Private Impact Investing across Europe and more specifically in France, and manages the largest Social Impact Investing strategy in France.


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Responsible Investing: our commitment

Acting as a responsible financial institution is a core commitment of Amundi’s development strategy.

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Responsible investment offering

A wide range of responsible solutions from open-ended funds to tailor-made Responsible Investment.

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Environment initiatives

Bring the fight against climate change accessible to all investors.

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Engagement for all investors

Being responsible for all investors.

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Sustainability-related disclosures

ESG, Climate, Engagement & Vote

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1Source: Stewardship Report 2020

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